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Characteristics and working environment of internal combustion forklifts:

(1)、平衡重式柴油叉车,体积较大,但其稳定性好,宜于重载,使用时间无限制,使用场地一般在室外。与汽油发动机相比,柴油发动机动力性较好(低速不易熄火、过载能力、长时间作业能力强),燃油费用低。但振动大、噪音大、排气量大 、自重大、高,载荷重量可由0.5吨45吨。

(1) Balanced weight diesel forklift, with a large volume but good stability, suitable for heavy loads, unlimited usage time, and generally used outdoors. Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines have better power performance (difficult to stall at low speeds, strong overload capacity, and long-term operation ability) and lower fuel costs. But it has high vibration, high noise, large exhaust volume, heavy weight, and high price. The load weight can range from 0.5 tons to 45 tons.


(2) Balanced weight gasoline forklift, with a large volume but good stability, suitable for heavy loads, unlimited usage time, and generally used outdoors. The gasoline engine has a small appearance, light weight, high output power, low working noise and vibration, and low price. However, the gasoline engine has poor overload capacity and long-term operation ability, and the fuel cost is quite high. The load weight can range from 0.5 tons to 4.5 tons.

(3)、平衡重式液化石油气叉车(简称LPG)即是平衡重式汽油叉车上加装液化石油气转换装置,即成为LPG叉车,通过转换开关能进行使用汽油和液化气的切换。 LPG叉车大的优点是尾气排放好,一氧化炭(CO)排放明显少于汽油机,燃油费用低(15KG的液化气相当于20升汽油),适用于对环境要求较高的的室内作业。

(3) Counterbalanced liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) forklift is a type of gasoline forklift that is equipped with a liquefied petroleum gas conversion device, which becomes an LPG forklift. Through the conversion switch, it can switch between using gasoline and liquefied gas. The advantage of LPG forklifts is that they have good exhaust emissions, significantly lower carbon monoxide (CO) emissions than gasoline engines, lower fuel costs (15KG of liquefied gas is equivalent to 20 liters of gasoline), and are suitable for indoor operations with high environmental requirements.


The characteristics and working environment of electric forklifts


(1) Electric pallet forklifts. The main function of electric pallet forklifts is to achieve point-to-point movement of pallet goods on a flat surface, so there is no gantry lifting system. They are suitable for places that focus on handling and do not require stacking. There are three types of electric pallet forklifts: self-propelled, standing and driving, and sitting and driving, with different costs.



(2) Electric pallet stacker forklift is a lightweight indoor lifting and stacking equipment that focuses on stacking functions due to its lightweight body. Suitable for handling light and small materials in floor style warehouses or other narrow spaces.


(3) Forward moving forklift, the lifting mechanism of forward moving forklift can move forward and backward longitudinally on the forklift. When picking up goods. The center of gravity of the goods falls within the four fulcrums formed by the wheels. Therefore, forward moving forklifts have good flexibility, high lifting safety, and stability. Its load capacity range is usually 1-2.5 tons, and the lifting height can reach 12 meters. But due to the small size of the wheels. Due to limited passability and complex structure and high cost, it is suitable for places with narrow space and high lifting height requirements, and is mostly used in high-rise storage warehouses.


(4) Universal Electric Forklift, Universal Electric Forklift can travel in all directions. In addition to the main characteristics of a balanced forklift, the three wheels can travel in the same direction at any angle. Therefore, this model has flexible steering. After picking up goods, it can turn in place according to site restrictions and move the forklift in any direction. This model solves the problem of turning elongated materials in narrow spaces, greatly saving space, and can achieve oblique stacking and disassembly in train and car carriages.


(5) Four way electric forklift, which integrates the functions of forward moving forklift, side fork, and counterweight forklift. In terms of structure, it is basically the same as a forward moving forklift. The gantry is located between the front and rear wheels, and there are two legs extending in an arm shape in front of the forklift. The front end of the legs is equipped with supporting wheels, and the fork can move longitudinally forward and backward with the gantry. When unloading goods with forklifts, the forks extend out, and after unloading the goods, the forks return to the middle position close to the vehicle body, greatly improving the stability of forklift operation.


The difference from forward moving forklifts is that the two load-bearing wheels at the front end of the fork leg of a four-way electric forklift can rotate 90 ° through the steering mechanism. When the rear wheel rotates 90 °, the entire forklift can change from a forward and backward driving state to a left and right driving state, equivalent to a side fork, making it suitable for handling elongated materials in narrower passages. The width of a small passage can usually be within 2 meters. But due to its complex structure and high cost.


(6) VNA Narrow Channel Forklift, the main feature of VNA Narrow Channel Forklift is that the gantry lifting mechanism can rotate in three directions, and the vehicle body does not need to rotate during stacking, only the fork or gantry need to be rotated. Therefore, the channel width requirement is greatly reduced. At present, the small passage is below 1.8 meters. But at the same time, the width of the channel also depends on the size of the tray. For example, when handling long shaped goods, it is still not possible to reduce the width of the passage. In addition, in order to ensure the stability of lateral stacking, the required overall weight is much greater than that of a three point balanced electric forklift, so the economy is slightly inferior.


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