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叉车浅谈引起内燃叉车水箱高温的原因及解决办法: 驾驶员都知道,有时候,尤其在夏天,内燃叉车的水箱会有很高温的时候,必须停下来,这样就影响了叉车作业,严重时还会损坏零部件,那有哪些原因引起叉车水箱高温的呢?该如何解决呢?叉车通知你:

  Forklift Brief Talk about the Causes and Solutions of High Temperature in Water Tank of Internal Combustion Forklift Truck: Drivers know that sometimes, especially in summer, when the water tank of Internal Combustion Forklift truck will have a high temperature, they must stop, which will affect the operation of forklift truck, and even damage parts in serious cases. What causes the high temperature in water tank of forklift truck and how to solve it?
  Reasons for Excessive Water Temperature of Forklift Trucks
  There are many reasons for the high water temperature: temperature control switches, pumps, fans, rusted water pipes, poor backwater and other factors can cause such knot phenomenon. The concave and convex of engine water temperature is mainly related to whether the thermostat is working properly, whether the pump can establish the satisfied pressure, and whether the cooling fan can reach the standard speed. How to check the temperature of forklift truck is abnormal? Cooling system is generally composed of cooling fans, radiators, thermostats and other components. Cooling fans are often driven directly by the engine, and the speed of the fan is the same as that of the engine. The control of cooling water temperature mainly depends on thermostat.
  Principle of thermostat
  The function of thermostat is to actively adjust the amount of water entering the radiator according to the concave and convex temperature of cooling water, to change the scale of water circulation, to adjust the cooling capacity of the cooling system, and to ensure that the engine works in the appropriate temperature scale. The thermostat must maintain outstanding technical condition, otherwise it will seriously affect the normal operation of the engine. If the main valve of the thermostat is opened too late, the engine will be overheated; if the main valve is opened too early, the preheating time of the engine will be extended and the temperature of the engine will be too low. At this moment, we can judge whether the operation of thermostat is outstanding or not. If there is cooling water flowing out from the inlet pipe of the water tank at the beginning of the cold car operation, we can clarify that the main valve of the thermostat can not be closed. When the cooling water temperature of the engine exceeds 70 degrees Celsius, there is no cooling water flowing out from the inlet pipe of the water tank, we can clarify that the main valve of the thermostat can not be opened normally. Repair is needed.
  The thermostat can be checked in the car by the following methods:
  1. View after engine start: Open the radiator plus nozzle cover. If the cooling water in the radiator is quiet, it indicates that the thermostat works normally, otherwise, it indicates that the thermostat works abnormally.
  2. This is because when the water temperature is lower than 70 C, the expanding cylinder of the thermostat is in a shortening state and the main valve closes; when the water temperature is higher than 80 C, the expanding cylinder expands, the main valve gradually opens, and the circulating water in the radiator starts to move.
  3. When the water thermometer indicates below 70 C, if there is water activity in the intake pipe of the radiator and the water temperature is hot, the main valve of the thermostat is not closed tightly at the time of the meter, which makes the cooling water circulate prematurely and greatly.
  4. Check after the increase of water temperature: at the beginning of engine operation, the water temperature is thousands of times fast; when the water thermometer indicates 80, the heating speed slows down, indicating that the thermostat is working normally. Conversely, if the water temperature always rises very fast, when the internal pressure reaches a certain level, the boiling water suddenly overflows, indicating that the main valve is stuck, suddenly open.
  5. Open the radiator cover and radiator drain switch when the water thermometer indicates 70-80 C, and feel the water temperature with your hands. If it is difficult to clarify that the thermostat operates normally, if the water temperature at the radiator feeding nozzle is low, and there is no water flowing out or very little water flowing out at the inlet pipe of the radiator upper chamber, it is clarified that the main valve of the thermostat cannot be opened.
  Pump is the power of continuous circulation of cooling water in the cooling system. Impeller and belt are the factors affecting the pump. If the impeller is loose, the cooling water can not be circulated, resulting in damage to the pump. If the belt is too large, the water temperature will be too high. If the belt is too small, the bearing of pump and generator will be damaged.
  Detection of fan fan flow: A thin sheet of paper can be placed in front of the radiator. When the engine is working, if the paper can be blown off, the air flow is satisfied. This is different from the inward suction of the car fan with the front engine. The blades should not be reversed, and the fan cover should be fully effective.
  As for radiator, the chassis of forklift truck is lower, and the radiator is placed at the rear of the vehicle. Dust can easily accumulate on the surface of radiator. If it is not cleaned in time, it will seriously affect the heat dissipation. Cooling water is strictly prohibited from using "hard water" to avoid scaling in the radiator, resulting in inadequate addition of cooling water.
  These are the factors that cause the high temperature of forklift truck water tank. More information about Jinan forklift truck rental can be clicked: http://www.jnhgjx.net, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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