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  Generally speaking, forklift repair technology is divided into diesel forklift and electric forklift according to power. Internal combustion forklift truck is powered by internal combustion engine. Its power is firm and its practical boundary is wide. Its disadvantage is that the emission and noise pollution are bigger, and the danger to human health is bigger. In order to improve the energy-saving effect of products and meet the increasingly harsh environmental requirements, the key points are discussed from the aspects of reducing engine emissions, increasing the power of hydraulic system and reducing vibration and noise.
  How to self-diagnose forklift repair hardware
  It is certain that forklift trucks with less emissions and less noise will be welcomed. Fuel forklift trucks such as battery forklift trucks, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas will surely be further developed. Forklift rental, forklift spare parts, forklift repair, forklift sales and other use boundaries are very wide and energy-saving, environmental protection, low value, etc. have great advantages, are forklift professional development tends to lasting useful strategies.
  Electric Forklift Forklift has the characteristics of agility, light weight, pollution-free, low voice and so on. It combines the advantages of electric stacker and uniform Huanhuan forklift. When the front of the gantry reaches the top, the load center falls on the outside of the fulcrum. At the moment, it is flat and even, forklift truck. When the gantry is fully caged back, the load falls comfortably on the inside of the fulcrum, and at the moment, it is flat and dry electric stacker.
  The combination of these two functions makes the volume of Zimeng and Zimeng not increase a lot while guaranteeing the sensitivity of monopoly and the function of high income. Controlling the frugal homework space greatly increases the utilization rate of land. Therefore, it can be used in the narrow space of light industry, plum and tobacco, textile, food, supermarket and other occupations to end material haughtiness and stacking homework. It is one of the indispensable equipment for modern warehousing. It is also one of the focus of competition among major car manufacturers in China.
  The main principle of forklift truck control system in the future is to complete the integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering with microprocessor as the center. That is to say, to take microprocessor as the center and control the forklift truck from one-sided control to network control, so as to maintain the working shape of the whole truck and complete the intelligent work of the forklift truck. With regard to electric vehicles, the traditional resistance speed controller has been eliminated, while the new transistor is generally selected because of its small gate drive current, good parallel control characteristics, active guard of hardware and software, and self-diagnostic function of hardware. Series excitation and other excitation controllers are still the dominant products of shopping malls, while AC control technology is still in its infancy.
  Ensuring driver's safety has always been a key issue for forklift design staff. In addition to the safety countermeasures of parking, braking, forward tilt self-locking and falling speed limit, the safety and reliability of the whole vehicle are greatly improved by assembling fully functional monitoring system, power braking system, anti-rollover system, and selecting three independent braking systems of electronic control, hydraulic and machine.
  Together, with the development and use of electronic technology, forklift safety research will be carried out in an intelligent way. Forklift repair companies believe that in terms of improving maintainability, they prefer simplification of disassembly and assembly, organization of components, centralization of refueling, inspection and monitoring, improvement of accessibility of components, and minimization of repair names.

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