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Pre shipment inspection of used forklift
(1) Check the technical status of each part of the vehicle according to the specified items and standards to ensure that the tenth part is in good condition.
(2) Before driving, please check the driver's license, driver's license and other documents required, and strictly prohibit lack of certificates, less certificates and unlicensed driving.
(3) The second-hand forklift driver in the factory shall strictly abide by the rules when driving, and the brake barometer shall meet the specified value before starting).
(5)叉车在出厂时,叉架底端的高度应保持在300-400 mm,龙门架向后倾斜。
(5) When the forklift is delivered from the factory, the height of the bottom end of the fork frame shall be maintained at 300-400 mm, and the gantry shall tilt backward.
(6) When the forklift in use is running, no one is allowed to get on or off, and it is strictly prohibited to stand on the fork leg.
(7)在工厂行驶时,不应将货叉抬得太高。 当进入或离开工作地点或在道路上时,请注意天空中的障碍物。
(7) When driving in the factory, the fork should not be raised too high. When entering or leaving the workplace or on the road, please pay attention to the obstacles in the sky.
击中。 禁止刹车和急转弯。
Hit. Braking and sharp turns are prohibited.
(8)在工厂的叉车上工作时,平台得稳定,必要用绳索和钢缆链将其固定。 严格按照车辆的载荷曲线图中指定的值对货物进行分叉。 严禁超载。
(8) When working on the forklift in the factory, the platform must be stable, and it is necessary to fix it with ropes and steel cable chains. Fork the goods in strict accordance with the values specified in the load curve of the vehicle. Overloading is strictly prohibited.
(9) When the forklift of the factory runs at a height of more than 7 ° and rises and falls at a speed higher than the first gear, the foot brake shall not be used under special circumstances.
(10)叉车停在工厂后,禁止将货物悬挂在空中。 卸货后,应将卡车放低然后再驱动。
(10) After the forklift stops in the factory, it is forbidden to hang the goods in the air. After unloading, the truck should be lowered before driving.
(11)叉车在工厂内运载货物时,应将货物的重量平均分配在两把叉子上,不得使货物倾斜,并且应将物品的一侧靠在架子上。 小物品应放在收集箱(板)中,以防止掉落。 推车中包含的物品不得遮挡驾驶员的视线。
(11) When the forklift carries goods in the factory, the weight of the goods shall be evenly distributed on two forks, the goods shall not be tilted, and one side of the goods shall be leaning against the shelf. Small items shall be placed in the collection box (plate) to prevent falling. The items contained in the cart shall not obstruct the driver's line of sight.
(12)在物品的装卸过程中,与制动器一起制动。 如果使用起重机装载和卸载工件,则驾驶员要离开驾驶室。
(12) During the loading and unloading of articles, it shall be braked together with the brake. If the crane is used to load and unload the workpiece, the driver shall leave the cab.
(13)当货叉接近或撤离物品时,车辆的速度应缓慢且稳定。 注意轮子,不要压碎物品,木块(托盘)和叉子不要划伤物品以支撑人员。
(13) When forks approach or evacuate items, the speed of the vehicle shall be slow and stable. Pay attention to the wheels, do not crush objects, and do not scratch objects with wooden blocks (trays) and forks to support personnel.
(14)在工厂区域和施工现场,速度不得超过每小时10公里。 进入或离开工厂大门,车间,仓库和建筑工地时,速度不得超过每小时3公里。 叉车行驶时要注意防止划伤和受伤。
(14) In the plant area and construction site, the speed shall not exceed 10km per hour. When entering or leaving the factory gate, workshop, warehouse and construction site, the speed shall not exceed 3km per hour. Pay attention to prevent scratches and injuries when forklift is driving.
(15) When lifting the fork in the factory, the lifting hanger shall tilt forward with the ground, and the lifting hanger shall not tilt forward.
(16)在工厂举升或驾驶济南二手叉车时,禁止任何人站在叉车上以固定物体或保持平衡。 升降叉车时,附近禁止运送货物。
(16) When lifting or driving Jinan used forklift in the factory, no one is allowed to stand on the forklift to fix objects or maintain balance. When lifting the forklift, it is forbidden to transport goods nearby.
(17)严禁使用起重叉及其他附件进行高空作业。 禁止使用单个叉或叉或拉物体。 禁止使用制动器惯性来摆动圆形或易滚动的物品。 卸货的方法是捡起托盘。 禁止高速分叉物品。
(17) It is forbidden to use lifting forks and other accessories for high-altitude operation. Do not use a single fork or fork or pull objects. Do not use the inertia brake to swing round or rolling objects. The method of unloading is to pick up the pallet. High speed forking is prohibited.
(18) It is not allowed to transport goods directly on the ship on the shore of the wharf, nor on the edge of the train carriage.
(19)当叉车在中途停止发动机空转时,门架应向后倾斜。 关闭发动机后,应放下起重车以将货叉平放在地面上。
(19) When the forklift stops the engine idling in the middle, the gantry shall tilt backward. After turning off the engine, lower the crane truck to place the fork flat on the ground.
(when 20 factories are parked in the factory, workshop and construction site, the driver is not allowed to leave the car. If it is necessary to leave the car temporarily, remove the key and pull down the electronic switch.
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